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Newland Garage Ltd has been chosen as one of the few local authorised dealers to fit high quality brake products from the UK’S number one braking brand Pagid.

When it comes to matching their OE quality brake pads, Pagid brake discs are the number one choice. With this they cover thousands of cars and light commercial vehicles across 200 different vehicle brands, aiming for superlative safety and braking performance

Not only are they number one but they also have a great guarantee known as the 25/25 warranty. This means that the brake discs and pads are covered for 25 months, or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. You’ll also be pleased to know that all of the brake discs are durable and resistant to wear, offering you a long-lasting stopping solution. We can guarantee that Pagid brake discs are the perfect match for their OE quality brake pads, creating braking performances that can be relied upon.


  • GEOMET® coated, reducing corrosion and providing a smarter appearance for longer
  • Designed to work in harmony with Pagid brake pads
  • High carbon range available, for improved heat transfer
  • Manufactured to OE quality standards, to a 10 microns tolerance
  • Created from a single casting to maintain safety
  • Available with a cut on the outer edge for superior brake balancing
  • Include a time-saving installation aid with each set of brake discs
  • Covered by our 25/25 warranty, guaranteeing them for 25 months, or 25,000 miles
Pagid Brake Discs at Newland Garage
Pagid Brake Pads at Newland Garage

For more than 60 years, Pagid have been at the forefront of innovation in brake friction. With over 300,000km of on-road and track driving is conducted for each and every brake pad and 95% of the range being copper free, reducing fine particle emissions, it is easy to see why they are the world’s biggest manufacturer of brake friction, and a truly global partner for the automotive industry. 

All Pagid Braking components are manufactured and thoroughly tested, and is evidenced in that they have 300 expert engineers to test and test again at dedicated facilities in Europe, North America and South America, ensuring their brake pads stand the constant challenges our customers throw at them and it ultimately adds up to create the best-selling brake pad range in the UK.

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