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Have you noticed that the Air Conditioning System in you car isn’t as cold as usual, or that it smells a bit odd?

Let our qualified Air Conditioning specialists sort this out by carrying out a complete Re-Gas of your Air Conditioning System. We will drain any residual gas, thoroughly clean the system, and then refill with air conditioning refrigerant.

Watch the video opposite to see our fully automated air conditioning machine in action. The machine removes all the old gas for recycling And any oil it can recover. 

It then completes a 20 minute vacuum of the system to remove any moisture or contamination. When this is completed it will do a leak check for 4 minutes where it must hold its vacuum of 1 mb.

Once the test has been passed it will fill with fresh refrigerant, inject fresh oil and some UV dye. Once competed we do a system check of the pressures and temperature drops to ensure the system is working correctly and safely.

Book your car for an air conditioning service at Newland Garage Beverley Road in Hull, and we’ll take care of everything.

Why should I have my air conditioning system checked?

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced every 2 years. Up to 15% of the gas in your air conditioning system is lost just by using it – so it’s extremely important you keep it topped up and re-gassed regularly to avoid failure and costly repairs.

Bacteria and odours occur in your heating system through excess moisture build up and poor efficiency. If you’ve noticed a bad smell inside the car, always get it checked and possibly ask that your pollen/cabin filter is replaced in addition to an antibacterial treatment.

  • To prevent build up of unpleasant odours
  • To help reduce the gradual build up of harmful bacteria and contaminants
  • Having an efficient air conditioning system keeps fuel costs down
  • The in-car climate has a direct bearing on driver fatigue
R1234YF-2 Air Conditioning Refill / Service at Newland Garage

We now service and repair all air conditioning units using R1234YF refrigerant gas

We’re now authorised and approved to service and repair your air conditioning units using R1234YF.

Newland Garage Ltd have invested heavily in a new air conditioning service machine specifically for this purpose. We have also updated our leak detection equipment. For the “techies” out there the new machine is an Ecotechnics Eck 1800-HFO Fully automatic station for recovering, recycling, and recharging R134a or HFO1234yf refrigerant.

1234yf is a refrigerant with zero ozone layer depletion and very low global warming potential (GWP), developed to comply with the European F-Gas Directive for the progressive elimination of refrigerants with a high potential for global warming in the Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) sector.

Some of the Ecotechnics Eck 1800-HFO Features

  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Uv trace dye and and an ultraviolet camera
  • Nitrogen pressure testing with gas leak detector
  • Refrigerant management giving usage report and archive
  • Automatic leak check during vacuum phase Database for quick gas selection also allows to add new vehicle models
  • Nitrogen and Hydrogen pressure testing with gas leak detector

The Nitrogen Hydrogen mix was developed primarily for the new gas but can still be used for the old gas.


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