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Newland Garage - PAGID Partner
Newland Garage – PAGID Partner

Newland Garage is proud to announce that we are the local authorised and approved PAGID Brake systems dealer.

Covering thousands of cars and light commercial vehicles across 200 different vehicle brands, all Pagid brake discs arePagid Brakes, Pagid Brake Pads, Pagid Brake Shoes produced with safety and braking performance as its number 1 priority. When it comes to matching OE quality brake pads, Pagid brake discs are the number one choice for the discerning vehicle owner.

One of the main features of Pagid brake discs, over and above other brands, is the entire range is GEOMET® coatings. This enables outstanding corrosion protection. The chrome-free protectant reduces the chances of rust build-up, a common brake disc problem, and therefore improves stopping performance over time. The coating also provides a smarter visual appearance for longer making them the number one choice for customers with alloy wheels.

Pagid brake discs go through a series of extensive and varied testing conditions to make sure the performance is perfectly suited to everyday conditions. By using the very latest in braking technology, they go above and beyond the main requirements of friction stability over a wide temperature range and dimensional stability.

Safety is Pagid’s key brake disc development motivator, with the Pagid range being durable and resistant to wear, offering our customers a long-lasting stopping solution.