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Refrigerant Management

Always one to look for the latest technology to keep your car at its peak of performance, Newland Garage have purchased the Ecotechnics Eck 1800-HFO

Hybrid vehicles continue to be a growing sector in the car sales figures. Manufacturers continue to look for both moreEcotronics ECK-1800 printer fuel efficient and environmentally friendly models, the ECK 1800 HFO can work on hybrid vehicles as standard, so future proofing the equipment. which not only keeps down prices but means Newland Garage can always keep up with technology and legislative changes four our customers.

Refrigerant Management

Each service is saved in station memory, offering the option of creating a customised archive of all refrigerant transactions.

Automatic Leak Testing

The station checks for leaks during the vacuum phase. If leaks are found, it interrupts operation and gives an alarm.

Automatic Dye Injection

With refillable cartridges and electronic scale.

So what is 1234YF Refrigerant?

R1234yf is a synthetic HFO refrigerant co-developed by DuPont and Honeywell as a successor to R134a for automotive air-conditioning applications. It has a global warming potential (GWP) which is ultra-low, in fact it has a rating of less than 1. This means that one kilogram of R1234yf released to atmosphere has a significantly lower greenhouse effect than a kilogram of carbon dioxide. After years of intensive research by the automotive industry to find a replacement for R134a, resulting R1234yf was selected as the new standard refrigerant for new systems. Richard Sargeson of Newland Garage said “This new ozone friendly gas is much better for our environment and many new cars are equipped with it . So don’t forget to get your cars air conditioning checked at Newland Garage”.

Some of the Ecotechnics Eck 1800-HFO Features

The Nitrogen Hydrogen mix was developed primarily for the new gas but can still be used for the old gas.