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Newland Garage - Fortron Injector Max

Fortron Injector Max

Newland Garage - Fortron Injector Max

Is your car not running as smooth as it should?, Lacking performance?, we have the answer !. The fortron injector max machine, cleans Petrol and diesel injectors, sticky turbos, egr valves, even does induction cleaning.

Book your appointment today and we will improve your vehicles power and mpg. Give you smoother performance and lower emissions

The Fortron Injector Max Machine provides a simple and effective method of cleaning both petrol and diesel fuel systems without the removal of injectors from the vehicle.


  • Operates using compressed air
  • Portable & robust industrial design
  • Multi Functional - Cleans fuel injectors, fuel lines, fuel pumps, combustion chambers and throttle body systems
  • Removes all deposits from the fuel system without damaging the engine, fuel pump and fuel lines
  • Includes comprehensive fuel system adaptor kit
  • Improved MPG
  • Improved Power
  • Lower exhaust emissions

Newland Garage now have the new Fortron Injector Max Machine, which will clean your fuel system, intakes, cylinder head & exhaust system whilst removing all carbon deposits so returning lost power and economy and making your vehicle run much smoother.

Take a look at the video to see the Fortron Injector Max in action

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Shell Helix Ultra - Newland Garage


Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W-30 provides:

  • Designed to meet the demanding requirements of particular high-performance engines.
  • Years of development have gone into this technology collaboration and lubricant research between Shell and General Motors.
  • Passes an extensive range of performance tests to meet engine oil specification GMW16177 (dexos2™).

Look !

All vehicles requiring a 5-30 low saps, c3 or dexos2 oil will get this top of the range oil at no extra additional cost. Our interim service is still just £60 inc vat. That's any make any model and now comes with shell helix ultra oil.


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