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Newland Garage


We have been following the COVID 19 situation closely and with the safety of our staff, customers and all our key workers more important than ever now, we have decided to close the garage to the general public for 2 weeks.

Hopefully this will help flatten the curve and give the NHS the time it needs.

We will however be available by appointment only to any key worker who is in need, or if you have an urgent repair that is affecting your ability to self-isolate.

I have diverted the phone and we are available through fb or email.

During this time the garage will remain closed and if you have an appointment booked a staff member will meet you at the set time.

We will be wearing PPE, and antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer will be available. The vehicle will then be brought into the garage and will remain there until repaired.

When finished it will be removed from the garage and wiped down, you will then be able

to inspect the vehicle and when your happy payment will be taken via contactless payment, bank transfer or payment over the phone.

During this time the garage doors will remain closed. and only one staff member will touch your vehicle.

Unfortunately, there will be no waiting room or loan vehicle available during this time so please make adequate arrangements.

We thank you for your understanding during these difficult times, and we hope to see you all soon.

Thanks Newland Garage

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