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Using your Air Conditioner whilst having too little refrigerant in the system can create a suction pressure that can allow air and moisture to enter the system, this is due to the suction pressure becoming less than barometric pressure. When there is too little refrigerant gas available the compressor can pull the suction pressure below zero into a vacuum and allow air to enter past the lip seal.

This can corrode pipework which has the thinnest amount of aluminium to fail first and start leaking.

With a standard manually controlled air conditioning system you should leave the air conditioner on at all times even if not using it to cool the car. You should also turn the system to fully cold for about ten minutes each week, even through the winter months if you can in order to circulate the refrigerant which contains lubricants for the system and its seals, once done switch to full heat through the same pipes to thoroughly dry them out, this gets rid of any moisture in the ventilation trunking where mould and bacteria might accumulate.

For climate control systems, where the temperature is set by the operator they should be left on all the time as the air conditioner will be required to fine tune a drop in temperature. The system will decide whether to engage the compressor or open the outside vents and let in the outside air which at 0 - 3Deg Celsius will have no moisture content anyway.

Most manufacturers recommend 3 years from registration, then every two years after that.

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