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Brakes Serviced and Replaced at Newland Garage

Not only have Newland Garage Ltd been chosen as one of the few local authorised dealers to fit high quality brake products from one of the most respected leading manufacturers Apec Braking, but they also come with a fantastic guarantee.

Just look at this Guarantee!

Newland Garage guarantee every complete axle set of matching Apec discs and pads for two years or 24,000 miles. If the discs or pads wear out during that period we will replace them free of charge.Apec Braking Systems - Newland Garage

The 2 Year, 24000 mile guarantee shows how confident we are about the quality and consistency of Apec's braking products. The 2 year, 24,000 mile guarantee applies to Apec Braking discs and pads. It guarantees against defects in materials or manufacturing for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

To qualify for the guarantee, a complete axle set of matching Apec brake discs and brake pads must be installed at the same time. The discs and pads have to be fitted by our technicians.

Supplying the motor trade for over 30 years, Apec Braking is firmly established as the leading specialist braking supplier to the motor industry throughout the UK and Ireland.

All Apec Braking components are manufactured and thoroughly tested to equal or exceed full OE specification, R90 or other appropriate standards, to match manufacturers' levels of performance, comfort and safety, they are engineered to precise tolerances on advanced production lines.

Apec Braking Systems - Newland Garage

Apec parts are accurately made for first-time fitting, and offer consistently high levels of performance and durability.

Uneven pad wear or uneven braking is often caused by a seized brake caliper slider. A failed slider seal will allow moisture into the caliper, so the slider collects rust and prevents smooth caliper operation. Newland Garage fit Apec sliders, seals, slider lubricating grease and mounting bolts - all you need to return your brakes to a "factory" condition.

Why not get your tyres checked at the same time !


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